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Blood Booster Tea

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*More about Chiti Mush & Herbs BLOOD BOOSTER TEA.* 

What you need to know about this *Blood Booster Tea*  

 *1* . This is a natural and instant blood booster tea.

 *2* . Its made with Flamingo Flower, Fig Leaves, Mushroom and peppermint leaves. 

 *3* . There are NO additives. 

 *4* . No Preservatives added. 

 *5* . It regulates blood sugar.

 *6* . Lowers blood cholesterol. 

 *7* . It helps in the formation of Red Cells.  

✔️It's good for recuperation. 

✔️It soothes Headache.

✔️ It gives you energy

✔️ You sleep well too.

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