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Relax & Sleep Tea

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What you need to know about " *RELAX & SLEEP"* Tea.

1. It is made of all *NATURAL* ingredients.

2. Banana + Mushroom + Peppermint.

3. It helps relax your muscles.

4. It Helps  induce deep Sleep.

5. It renews your skin, cos of the banana peel inside.

6. It contains Vitamin D which only other natural source is Mushroom apart from Sunlight.

7. It prevents headaches.

8. It's good for those recuperating.

9. It contains no additives or preservatives.

 *RELAX & SLEEP* Tea is available in packs of 20 tea bag.  

You can add any Sweetener of your choice but the Banana flavour is fantastic.

Updates coming soon

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